Second Workshop March 2016

“Towards an International Database of Astronomical Tables (including Horoscopes)”

17 March 2016

Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Alfons-Goppel-Straße 11 in Munich


Public program


  • Matthieu Husson (CNRS, SYRTE-Observatoire de Paris)

Introduction to TAMAS 

  • José Chabás (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

                     Toward a parameter database

  • Benno van Dalen (PAL)

Existing digital tools for tables edition and analysis

  • Stefan Müller (IT, PAL)

                        PAL website and database

David Juste (PAL)

                       How a database of tables may be useful to an historian of astrology


Informal program

Dag Hasse (PAL), Clemency Montelle (University of Canterbury, NZ) and Richard Kremer (Dartmouth College, USA) also participated in the discussions of the informal program.

This informal part of the workshop was the occasion to establish the partnership Between TAMAS and the project Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus regarding:

  • The publication of the collective book related to the project
  • The organisation of a TAMAS symposium during the next conference of the International Society for the History of Science and Technics (Rio, 2017)
  • The first steps of the database coding to be done in the SYRTE at the Observtoire de Paris